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BGR Taco

T H E  H U N G R Y  B E A V E R

Since this season, Beaver Guestranch has been extended and now offers a little garden restaurant with in the middle of beautiful nature ‘The hungry beaver’.


We are open Friday to Sunday, offering special events like Barbecue night, German night and taco night to our neighbours and anybody who loves international food. No liquids served (yet).

German night

Bratwurst, Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, red cabbage, Spätzle and Kaiserschmarrn

For 29,- CAD, taxes included

Taco night

mexican tacos, veggi tacos, srims tacos with salads, boccamole and dessert

For 29,- CAD, taxes included

Barbecue night

German saussages, steaks, salmon, a variety of salads and dessert

For 29,- CAD, taxes included

Barbecue Delight

Experience the Ultimate Barbecue Delight at Our Hotel’s Garden Restaurant

The hungry beaver barbecue2.png
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